Removing the shark fin antenna

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Apr 5, 2003
Southern NH
We all know the satellite reception in these trucks is terrible. I tried it a few times when I was still under the 3 month trial, and found it unusable. Lots of skipping even in clear unobstructed highway areas. I have no use for Sirius XM and will never subscribe, ever.

So a thought occurred to me the other day: could the rear shark fin antenna be removed, and a NMO antenna base be installed in it's place for a 2M radio antenna? I know it would make a lopsided ground plane, but it would be a better use than what is there now, and avoid drilling a hole (which I don't have the courage to do, yet).

Had anybody ever removing the thing? Anybody know the size of the hole? I believe most NMO TTR mounts require a 3/4" hole.
Agree on the dismal XM reception ......

As far as an antenna upgrade I have considered using a second or alternative pod type (did one on a motorcycle) mounted in the corner of the windshield. I believe the head unit for XM is located under the passenger seat on the '15.

If someone has some hands on DIY experience that would be great!


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