Removing rear axles

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Sep 23, 2005
I'm stuck in the process of removing rear axles. If I have the nomenclature right, the pinion shaft pin is the 3/4" or so bolt. So that's out. But what's the trick to removing the pinion shaft itself, and once that's done does the spacer fall loose and just fished out? And finally, once that's done how are the shaft locks removed from the axles? FSM says to push the axle shaft inward, but then do the locks just get plucked off by fingers or needle nose pliers, or . . .?

A lot of how to's. :) Thanks for any help.
Redlands, CA.
Vic, good timing: I was just about to turn the puter off and head out to the shop.

Pull the bolt.

Tap the shaft in approximately 3/4" from the backside.

Rotate back around to the side the bolt was in. Now you can put the bolt in the shaft to help pull it out.

The block should fall out, along with the thrust washers behind the spider gears.;p

Push axle shafts in; c-clips should fall into the carrier.

P.S. Thanks for doing all the prep work before you bring the axles in.;)
Uh, well, on the other hand, how hard & how long do I whack that pin from the reverse side before it is going to think about moving?
how long was the pin /bolt you took out of the carrior?
Whoa, you're right. It busted off about 3/4" or so from the bolt head. Splendid. Now I'm the one who's ready for a 5150 commitment.
how long was the pin /bolt you took out of the carrior?

Experience is a great teacher, eh Dave? Vic, this just means you're not gonna be selling the old 3rd member............or what's left of it.:eek:
Ooh, a challenge. I like it. On the other hand, did I go about it wrong by simply putting a wrench on the bolt and turning it? Nothing in the FSM, either visually by way of the pic or in writing alerted me to a need to do anything special to remove it. Well, live and learn. What really bothers me is I can't blame you, Mark.
It'll be hard to fix it while in the truck...
I had tha same thing happen to me years ago, however I was on the trail and broke a rear axle. I had thoe whole axle out of the vehicle and laying on the ground. Then I took a 5 lb hammer and a punch and drove the pin out, shearing it at the case. be sure you start at the side with out the pin/bolt, drive it out about one inch, then turn the carrior around until the pin is sticking out at you, then just pry it out. then it will all fall apart like mark said.

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