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Apr 28, 2008
Diffs, transfer case, coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, f/r brake fluid/pads/rotors, a/c idler pulley, a/c belt, alternator belts all done! Pads are Hawk HPS and Mobil 1 synthetic for all fluids except Royal Purple ps fluid, Prestone coolant and I don't recall the brake fluid brand. PHH is all that remains for now. Distributor cap and rotor were done a year or so ago. New battery one year ago also. I'd like to have the HG done and the axles serviced next and my 80 will be happy! The belts/pulley combo cured my squealing issue esp. on cold days! Did I miss anything?

air filter... I'm guessing you just left that off the list. Maybe fuel filter?
Many Mudders have found that the Toyota Red coolant (and distilled water) is the best choice for a coolant.
Change out the thermostat if that has not been done in a while.

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