Rear U Joint removal helo

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Apr 29, 2003
Replacing u joint. I got one cap off but it doesn't give me enough room to slip it out and now I can seem to grip it in the vise to hammer out the other side. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Soaking everything in penetrating fluid at the moment for good measure.

So the one I already have one cap off of, knock back through the other side....10-4.

Yeah you went the wrong way with it. You want to force the caps out not in.
I did hammer the cap that is off out, which makes the other side go in.
No you don't hammer the cap. You hammer the body. Get a large socket that fits around the cap.
I did hammer the cap that is off out, which makes the other side go in.

Once a cap is off, place the opposite cap onto a larger socket and tap the exposed rod (where the first cap used to be) down into the larger socket. The opposite cap will be able to slide out into the open large socket while the edges of the socket support the U-joint body.
When done that side, the other remaining caps can be removed similarly. Start with a socked sitting on top of the cap you will hammer that is slightly smaller in size of the cap. You do not have to hammer until the cap comes off-it should loosen up enough that you can pull it off with your fingers.

Clean everything up before seating your first new cap. Use a lot of grease to hold the needle bearings (the OEM comes with a good load). Check the FSM to make sure the grease nipples are oriented according to spec. Make sure to seat your snap rings when done by tapping the outer U-joint body.

In the end, it is a fairly quick fix and well worth doing yourself.

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