Rear shock question

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Sep 23, 2019
New Mexico
Yes, I have searched. Yes, I know that the real answer to my question is to go yank the current shock and compress the spring and measure. But, I figured I would post up and see if anybody has any input anyway. I have sent a message to Slee, also.

So, here is the dilemma:

I currently have the following setup on my 1996 Land Cruiser inherited from the PO:

OME 863 Rear coils
OME 850 Front coils plus a 30mm spacer
N73 Front shocks
N74E Rear shocks

Measurements from the center of the wheel to the flareless fender:

Front: ~24"
Rear: ~24"

My plan is to install a 4" kit from Slee, but I was planning on waiting until early next year to do it. However, I was inspecting the rig the other day and noticed that my lower rear shock bushings are toast, and the passenger side rear shock appears to be leaking. The system is old - the receipts from the PO indicated that this lift was put on in the 2006 time frame. I don't want to buy new OME shocks to replace if I am just going to be putting in new ADS shocks in the near future. So, the question is, can I just temporarily order the new Slee ADS rear 4" shocks and throw them on without damaging them?

From what I found, the N74E shock measurements are: collapsed length is 14.57", and the extended length is 24.4".
The Slee 4" ADS shocks are: collapsed length of 15.7", and an extended length of 26.5"

So, at first glance, the compressed length is problematic. Currently, there are no bump stop extensions on the rear. My hope is that by some miracle someone has had this setup with the 863 rear coils and has by chance measured the compressed length at full stuff.

Thanks for any input - even if it is smart-ass comments telling me to use the search function.
No bump stops in the rear? May have had air bags previously. Certainly installing them would inhibit full compression of the rear coils. For $100 and a couple of hours of your time, it might be a temp solution. Can't help you on the shock length question, though.
I run shocks that are longer than the ADS shocks that come with the Slee kit... not bump adjustment in the front, 79 series bumps in the rear.
Can run some cheap procomp ES1000 shocks temporarily.

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