Rear Hatch Lock Replacement - Help?

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Apr 14, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
So I know there has to be a IH8MUD trick, there always is... When I unlock my doors I see the lock try and unlock, but it wont unless I use the key in the hatch.

super annoying. Seems like the motor is weak.

Can I replace the motor, or just the actuator or do I need to replace the assembly.

maybe it just needs to be greased? Anyone have experience with this?
Remove the actuator and test it with a battery. I had the same symptoms on a second row door. The motor was bad. If yours is bad Its easiest to buy the motor/actuator assembly but some have repaired the motor or fixed a broken actuator .. RockAuto has the assembly for around $50.
Replace the actuator. Aisin part is available and is the same as the rear passenger door. The plastic arm split inside the actuator and produces the problem you are experiencing. Some have epoxied the arm back together.

Start here as it could be a clip but I get it is the actuator.

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