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Feb 8, 2010
Tempe, Arizona

Posted it on the Copper State Cruiser forum, but I am looking for the wider wisdom and advice .. ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME!
please post up replies on the copper states link above! THANKS EVERYONE!

Hi Everyone.
I went off on vacation to Mexico, headed from PHX to Vallarta and now I am stuck in a small town in Sonora called CD Obregon-.. Luckily I have some family here. !
The Simptoms...
I have a sears PM1 with 205 min reserve. Alternator never been changed 240K mi on the odo.. I have owned it since it had 190K
Spent 2 nights on the beach in San Carlos camping out with lights, music, and a Koolatron running.. Also had to winch out a stuck Expedition. The cruiser started just fine and we got back on the hwy heading south.. Out in the middle of nowhere with abut 100KM I think thats 60mi from the next town alternator discharge red light came on the dash! So I pulled over and verified the belts where still there.. all looked good so I crossed my fingers turned off all possible electrical items and limped it the 60 miles ...
Got the the town and parked it.. This morning.. I tried to turn it on.. and it would crank, normally actually quite strong as usual, but would not start.. Also could not get it to go to neutral to tow it to the mechanic.. So I put it in neutral on the 4wd lever,,, then it started.. This could just be a chance or coincidence... but anyhow... .Drove it to the Auto electric shop and once there I sut it off.. And it would not start again even though it cranked strong.. !!! :ban: Again I tried to put it in Neutral and it would not move the selector.. again on 4wd neutral and nothing no start but strong cranking..
So I am assuming the Alternator is gone.. Battery seems to be doing good.. showing 12v middle of the charge gage.. But evern witha dead alternator .. It should start with a charged battery!! NO :hmm:
Am I possibly looking at something worse than just the alternator... I also found a shop in town that can rewind the alternator for 450 Pesos.. Bout $40 Bucks.. Any advice is welcome since I am stuck in the middle of nowhere Sonora Mexico!! Also hoping if I need some parts from stateside.. Maybe someone can lend me a hand.. But as of yet I have not identified anythin that is needed untill I take the alternator to the shop..
Thanks guys!
No doubt that you checked the fuses and the EFI relay?
Check the fusible links too: Either wiggle and pull on them while cranking the motor or look for a voltage drop across the link with everything turned on.

It is more likely that the loss of alternator function and not starting are related problems, so you have to look back toward the battery where these things have a common source.

Did you read the FAQ on emergency won't start?

The worst thing that could happen to the alternator is it might need new brushes.

Es barrato. Menos que 400 pesos.

Bueno suerte
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Where is the fusable link Located

Fusible link has been ruled out?

Where is the fusable link Located :confused: No check engine light... They removed the alternator and are taking it apart now..
The fusible link will run direct from the + battery to 3 wires, (Main, Am1, and Am2), they are in sorta fuse box type enclosures (am1 and am2) IIRC. Like said check teh EFI relay too!
As stated above, fusible links are in-line fuses that are on the wires leading out of your + terminal.

If these blow, its like having a broken wire.

Usually if your alt goes you get a lot of instrument panel lights come on all at the same time!.

Do a simple test on the alt, use a volt meter, but don't measure at battery terminals, measure it right at the ALT terminals. If you have a blow fusible link it will show 14v at the ALT but only 11v or so at battery due to the blown link.

AS you stated your truck should start with a bad alternator so, chances are your ALT is probably good, if not just have it rebuilt (like stated above it's cheap)

Since they removed your alt, just get the voltmeter and check for continuity from the battery + terminal to the + lead that goes to the alt, check all fusible links wires this way. (just follow all the wires that come out of the battery + terminal and do a continuity test on both ends of each wire)

Here is what the fusible link looks like and its part#: (buy more than 1 :) )

Test each one of these wires for continuity. (Yes each one of these wires serve as a fuse!)

By the way: If any of the links are blown, DO NOT JUMP the wire, the links are there for a reason, find out what is anything caused or is causing the failure.
I guess you could rig up a fuse (dont know what amp) and jump the wire with a fused temp connection, just incase, you dont want to fry your harness! OR just simply check any blow link for ground continuity to verify you dont have a grounded wire somewhere before replacing with new link.
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Another pic of the fusible link:

Jump start and pull the neg. cable from battery. If it dies, it is probably the alt.
Jump start and pull the neg. cable from battery. If it dies, it is probably the alt.

If fusible links are GOOD this would be true.

IF fusible links are BAD, this would not necesarily be correct! (especially the fact that it would possibly not even start with a JUMP)
Here's a diagram of the fusible links


So maybe a redneck way to test this might be:

If you got HORN and can crank engine fusable link #AM1 is good.........<---- goes to ignition switch
If you ?????? fusible link #AM2 is good...........................................<---- goes to ignition COIL and systems, fuel pump, injectors
If you got headlights fusible link #MAIN is good?.................................<---- alternator, tail lights is connected here also
(I think I followed the diagram correctly)

Edited above for correction based on diagram?

Ofcourse we are assuming you have checked ALL FUSES and Relays, but if the fusible links test out fine, THAT will be your next step anyways :)
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If fusible links are bad, would it not start to begin with?
If fusible links are bad, would it not start to begin with?

BY start do you mean CRANK or RUN.

THE AM1 fusible link blown will not let the starter crank (goes to the ignition switch, NO cig lighter, wipers, guages).
The AM2 fusible link blown will not let it engine RUN. (no spark or fuel).
The MAIN fusible link will not let it CHARGE. (No charge system & Head or Tail Lights)

I think this is correct... :)
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Here are a few more Diagrams in case you need them over in Mexico!


Check your brake lights.
Any updates?

Need more help?

Have the FEDERALES given you problems? :D
All solved

Any updates?

Need more help?

Have the FEDERALES given you problems? :D

No federales.. Everyone everywhere has been bending over backwards to help and be nice....

:grinpimp::grinpimp::grinpimp::grinpimp::grinpimp: Spent all day chasing doown every electrical connection and looking everywhere.. The alternator etc... we ended up disasembling the alternator.. it looked good and tested good.. battery ok.. Ended upo as the wisdom on this forum the connection on the fusible link !!!! :doh: We tested it a few times for continuity.. and it was ok.. then we moved it arround and it was burnt.. but it would test ok for continuity when we moved it.. so it was shorting on off... So we re'made the fusable link wires.. and it was good.. Spent all day in a dirty electro Mecanico shop in 110F:eek: weather:bang: .. but Tomorrow the vacations continue !!!! We where going nuts trying to figure it out untill I ninsted on testing and re'testing the fusable link.. and finally even though it was not obuious it ended up being the culprit.. ;) Thanks to this forum... I probably savced myself a day or two trying to figure it out... Ih8Mud ROCKS.. !!! tHANK YOU ALL FOR THE HELP!!! BTW for those that I crious it cost me... about $45 for all day at the shop! :cheers::cheers::cheers: Now where is the nearest cantina :beer::beer::beer::beer: :cheers:
Sorry for the mispelling I am typing on a EspÑol keyboard at the hotel !!!
Pinhead,SiRadude and everyone else great job on helpful info. I saw this post earlier today when it was first posted and I looked now and it has been solved. Bad asss.
Salud! :beer:

Pinche linkey

Hay la dulce vida en Mexico (quando tienes sufficiente dinero).

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