Questions on Landcruiser Diff Rings usage / Install


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Jan 31, 2003
"the whale's vagina", CA
I think I am going to order one of the landcruiser diff rings for my rear 40 axle:

these are the rings that you can use to build your own rear diff cover. Two questions:

so can anyone point me in the right direction for a vendor for the extended studs needed in order to fit the thicker flange? Is this something you can get from mcmasster carr? a part # with size and length of what I will need from those of you whom have used these rings would be greatly helpful!

Secondly, I am a novice welder and the first thought was to practice (alot) and then dive into this. I am thinking the easiest solution would be to place this ring over the stock cover and weld into place. Not sure exactly the best way to join the stock cover and the new thicker ring and if this will cause warpage or not. I would then run a strip (3 inches wide) of metal over the ring gear area to protect it from rocks. I have seen other writeups that show a complete custom cover:

Not sure if I want to go this far as don't think I have the skills or the correct welder to do this intense of a job.

I will also be welding on a front diff pipe cap type of diff protection, similar to the ones butch used to sell.

Anyone who has done what I am thinking of doing whom has any tips, it would be greatly appreciated!!


73 fj40
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