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Feb 2, 2021
Oakland, CA
I have a 200-series showing up next week (that I am extremely excited about!), and I want to get two sets of tires + wheels for it: snow (Blizzaks), and off-road (tires TBD) on top of the OEM originals (for road cruising).

What I’m having trouble understanding is “whether wheels matter”. For example, Tire Rack has quite a few wheel offerings in the sub-$200 range that look fine to me (I’m not picky). Should I just pick something I like the look of, order 5, and call it a day?

Or is there some good reason to spend quite a bit more? If so, what are the benefits — and what should I be looking for? (i.e., other than price, what features / kind of manufacturing / etc. denotes a “high-quality wheel” vs. a “low-quality wheel”? What do I get for spending more?)

Context: I’ll be doing some off-roading (quite easy at first, I’m learning!) and driving in snowy mountains. All I really care about is something that’s reasonably reliable and not going to break my new LC. :)

(I’ve actually done quite a bit of searching, both in these forums and elsewhere, and it seems to be surprisingly difficult to find a good answer to this question!)
Aug 2, 2006
Unless you step up, oem wheels are your best bet quality wise. I see them frequently for 200$ set.

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