Put my friend to sleep last night

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Nov 3, 2005
Visalia, CA
After six years with me, I had to put Happy down last night.


Happy the black labshepherdmutt in front. The picture is old, and he had a lot more gray in the muzzle. I got him on Valentine's Day of 2003; he was a stray who came when I called him, and I took him home. He was good with people and loved to chase a ball, and mostly he was just a big affectionate dork, but he did have a mean streak where other dogs were concerned. He was always really good with the cats and trustworthy in the house.

That's up until Saturday when he grabbed our littlest cat by the head and bit down hard. I can't explain why after six years of being fine with everyone in his house, he went after her. She wasn't the kind of cat to hiss and incite a dog -- just the opposite. As I'm writing this, my wife just called from the vet's, and we've lost the kitten too.

If he can trip out like that, without warning or provocation, on one of his friends, he can do it on anyone. I couldn't take the chance that the next victim might not be a stranger dog or another cat, but anybody. It could be my nephew, my wife, or a kid walking down the sidewalk. I had to put him down.

Sorry Happy. I did the best I could.
so very sorry to hear that.

fwiw, I support your decision. Been on both sides of that choice, and termination was far better than not. Sometimes sudden change in behavior reflects internal problems like cancer...

sendn ya good furry thoughts...
That sucks dude. My buddy just a couple weeks ago had to do the same thing to a dog he had rescued and had for about 6 years. She started attacking his other dog almost daily after the two had been together the whole time . She was a rotty shepard mix and was pretty big. The vet said she may have had some time of brain deal going on which would give her the crazed actions.
Sad ...... as a dog owner,

It's Something you'll never get used to....Just Enjoy em, I take my dog with me whenever I can.

Thay are Mans Best Friend
so very sorry to hear that.

Sometimes sudden change in behavior reflects internal problems like cancer...

QUOTE] Been told the same by local vet. Behavior wasn't very typical for the two breeds. Maybe ya prevented future pain in more ways than you know?
Better luck, still sucks
:frown::frown::frown:--very sorry
I think the the biggest problem with dogs (and alot of pets in general) is we let them see the true us inside without ever having to be critisized or ridiculed....because they never judge us and only offer us back unconditional love...I support your choice and offer my sympathies for your loss
Everytime I hear about a dog going it gets me right in the heart. I dread the day that my boy needs to go and in my happy world I just vision him running off into the sunset, but that's obviously not the case. Keep your chin up and maybe another Happy will come along.
Here's a piece of advice, don't watch Marley and Me, like I did last night.....

I've seen too many "look at me I'm a man's man" type dudes openly admit to crying like little bitches when they watched that. No intention of watching it now.

Ed, sorry to hear about Happy's sudden change. Goes without saying that it was a rough decision to make, but you did what you had to. In the end, it was best for Happy and for those around him.
Thoughts and prayers to you. We have been thru the same and it is tough. Almost matches our experience exactly.

My brother had to do the same 2 years ago when his Rott/Lab (Sumo) mix started being aggressive toward my lab for no apparent reason. Sumo also went after my parents a few times. My brother was leaving for Army basic and AIT and he didnt want Sumo to hurt my lab, one of us, or one of the nieghborhood kids that always wanted to play with him. Sumo went from a 135lb big 'ol baby to an agressive for no apparent reason little monster. My brother and parents took Sumo to the vet the same day my brother left.

The vet figured it was something neuro and it would only get worse. I was proud of my brother for making such a hard decision at the time. The kicker was when Sumo was put on the table at the vet it was if he knew what was coming and his look showed remorse for something he couldnt control.

Amazing the bond we can have animals.

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