PS gear box options

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Jun 26, 2005
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So i have a brand new gear box for a GMC 2500HD. They sent me it for warranty but i went with a diff one. Im just curious if can be used for a LC when i upgrade to PS.

Just an idea. If not ill just sell it
Not a common application and can't say I've seen it done before, but anything is possible. Just depends on how much work you want to put into the PS upgrade ;)
Anything is possible, but a lot of boxes have the arm facing the wrong way or rotate the wrong way to be an easy swap.
Ok just curious it looks like it would work. Anyone have a part# of the GM one used in the swap?
That box is probably a backwards swing saginaw box. While not common to use on a land cruiser, I don't see why it wouldn't work. The things to pay attention to are the frame bolt pattern, sector shaft diameter & spline count, and input shaft diameter & spline count.

The best box to use for the saginaw steering box swap is a 4-bolt box off of a Jeep J20.
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I'm curious, a smaller GMC (similar to S-10) would have a standard inside-the-frame mounted gear box, but a full sized GMC would have the gear box outside the frame in the left front wheel well, what's yours ?? I once saw an outside the frame gear box used on an FJ55 (very cool), and believe it or not, it did not cut down his turning radius. Anyway Varty, send snail mail address and I'll send freebie Saginaw power steering instruction manual to you (along with sales pitch since I have many of the parts you will need for this swap).
How would i find that out? All i have is numbers of the casting for it to go by

I don't know ( now that I no longer manufacture Saginaw mounting plates, and did not save the drawings), I was waiting for one of the many Mud geniuses to answer. My guess is there is inter web info on Saginaw bolt patterns.
If you search for images, there is more than one type. They all resemble the 800 series boxes in terms of mounting location and arm direction, so they may work like the early boxes as well. They have a 3 bolt mounting pattern that looks different than the 800 series.

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