Propeller sleeve yoke failure?

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Oct 13, 2012
Fernie, BC
Did some water crossings yesterday and dutifully greased the propeller this morning. While greasing the rear sleeve yoke, grease started coming out from inside the yoke instead of around the dust cover like usual. The FSM shows no seals here.

Anyone else have this issues? The fix?

No other issues at the moment. What's the worse that can happen? Pull off the propeller and drive home in front wheel drive?



Interesting. There is a round flat disc pressed into the yolk to seal that chamber off. It must have gotten bowed or come loose (?from being overfilled) and sprung a leak. You could pull down the DS, clean the yolk off, take a few photos and post them up.
There is a hole in that disc to allow air to transfer during the movement of the yoke in and out so it does not create a vacuum or pressure on the assembly. Sometimes when lubricating the shaft, the grease can squeeze out the hole instead of going past the splines of the yoke, particularly if the shaft is loaded. The hole is usually small enough to make it hard to squeeze out the grease, but will allow air to pass.

I highly recommend that when lubing your shaft that you keep it unloaded, meaning to set the emergency brake, take it out of gear or park (place it in neutral) in order to allow the grease to take the path of least resistance and actually lube the splines on the side needed. If it remains loaded (you cannot wiggle the DS by hand) then you may not be getting the lube in the location it needs to be.

Also, don't over-grease the shaft to the point where it squeezes out past the seals. That can damage the seals. If you want to do it regularly, only put in 2 or 3 pumps each time and let it be at that. If you damage the seals, it will allow dirt to work it's way past and wear it out faster. I used to think more was better, but years of trial and error, I have learned that what they say in the book is actually correct. Same with the cross.
Thanks for the unloading suggestion. Never read that anywhere.

I work in heavy industry and thought the same about over greasing. The manual though says to grease until it comes out past the oil seals. In my case it usually pushes a bit of water with it.

I'll drop the shaft as soon as I have time and clean it up. I must have pushed out that cover as the grease is coming out over a 1/4 of the circumference. Hopefully I can push it back in.

Similar topic. How much grease do you suggest when lubricating the steering knuckles?



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