Project Greaser - The 1993 Toyota Pickup

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Nov 12, 2017
North Carolina
Well today i did a thing ahaha.

Got up early this morning and headed out to @GLTHFJ60 house to go grab his trailer (Thanks again for letting me use it!) and from there we headed up to Stem, NC to where the truck was located in the middle of no where. It was a very pretty ride out there going with all the land out there. Once we got there the truck was sitting in almost a wooded area in some brush.

First impressions on the truck it defiantly needs some elbow grease with all of the 3-4 years of sitting there, Hint the name of the truck ahah. But also it had A LOT of rust, On the tailgate, bed, Passenger door, And some severe frame rust in some places so there's most likely gonna be a frame swap, or just run it till it snaps or have the luck of Fred Williams mini truck Clampy's frame luck lol. So here's the truck on the initial first sight. So the i got the truck for free, It was at the owner of the truck's mechanics house and he had a sweet set up, a huge shop. Let's just say me and my dad wanted it cause it already had a lift and this garage could actually fit the cruiser unlike our current garage:). So we had talked to the guy of what he had done to it and what was needed to be done with it. So what we had heard from the the owner of the truck is that it would need a new motor cause it had blew the head gasket a couple times and it had blew it again so it needed a new motor cause we thought that there was a warped head or a cracked block. But i was relieved to find out that the mechanic had already done the head gasket again and that it just needed some TLC and a fuel pump to get it running again. I'm glad that i don't have to rip into the motor and do the head gasket but it would be good learning experience. But ill just save that till it blows again. So we backed the truck and trailer up to the truck and started the process of loading it onto the trailer. Using a come along hand winch was not terrible, but as it was 28 degrees this morning it was not a pleasant experience but least the truck was light, @GLTHFJ60 you need to get a winch on your trailer or i just need to get vehicles that run lol. But as it took a couple pulls with the come along we got it on the trailer. Surprisingly the tires were still holding air after sitting for so long, and still have some good tread on them.



But we got it loaded up and strapped down and got back in the truck with the heat on full blast to warm our freezing hands. The hour ride back on was uneventful and smooth sailing all the way which was a good thing. We didn't have to do a johnny and pull off parts of truck on the trailer and put them on the truck to get it home:rofl:.


So when we got home we backed the trailer up the driveway and just pushed it into the driveway where it will sit while i work on cleaning it out until i can get it into the garage where there's some heat to where i won't freeze to death working on it.


So the plan for the truck as it will be a dedicated trail rig:
  • SAS
  • Put 80 axles, E-Locker front and something cheap or E-locker as well if presentable :)
  • Dual Cases
  • Spring's 63" front and rear for now, Unless 3 and 4 link is presentable.
  • 35-37" tires, Me and my dad talked about stealing the MTR's off of Dipty heheh.
  • Full Exo Cage
  • Bucket Seats with 5-Point Harnesses
  • Bobbing the Bed and Front End
  • Header and Off-road cam to get a little more power out of the 22R-E
  • Custom Sliders
  • Uptight Bumpers for approach angles
  • Strengthen the frame
  • Some type of storage compartment in the bed
  • More to come as idea's are created

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