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Jan 12, 2006
Well first off howdy to all of you mudders. Ok first off I've been lerking around here for abt 2 years now. I am the proud owner of a 77 fj40 or as my family likes to call it " Landsitter". Its been through 2 2f's and the third one is well... on its way out as it is knocking pretty loud. The first 2f fell victim to a mallory distributor when the shaft broke and seized the oil pump. The 2nd motor was bought used compression test well, installed and ran for 30 seconds and locked up. Now for the needed help, Im highly considering a 350 small block. I've done alot of research but as it comes closer (the week of) the decision to do the swap or not I seem to be very skeptical. The proposed set up 350 to marks 4wd bellhousing adapter to stock 4 speed. Do you think this set up is going to work? This will be my first v8 conversion. I will be using a carbeurated 350 pre 85 so I will not need any computer correct? Thanks in advance for the advice I will get you guys the build up and pics in the near future. -Dan
With the V8 you will need to consider:Motor mounts, new rear tranny brace, electrical hookups, new exhaust system, maybe new radiator. Mark's bell housing adapter is not cheap. Do you like the LC 4spd that much? No computer for a pre 85. But those are getting hard to find. TBI would work, but that requries a computer, elec. fuel pump, and wiring harness. Are you trying to make the stock tranny fit in the stock position without cutting sheet metal? On the other hand, another 2F would work as is.
Like Bill said, if you're on a budget, a 2F can be had for a LOT less than a Mark's adapter.

And if you're sure about a v8 and the budget isn't an issue, a Ranger overdrive would be a much sweeter setup to adapt to the stock trans. I know a guy locally who used one to space the engine forward and keep tranny/tfr in stock location to boot!


Mark A.
I have a fresh built 84 4blt main ready to put in. Yes I plan to use Marks bellhousing because of not having to relocate the tranny and everything that comes with that including cutting the tub. As for exhaust do I have any options for pre bent exhuast? Or do I need to have something custom built? As for the Ranger overdrive I know nothing abt it and yes budget is a Major issue as I am way over it already.
I say go for the 350 build. Its a good learning expereince, but unfortunatly very costly. If you have the time and the skill sets, you'll actually enjoy doing the work. I've had a lot of fun rebuilding mine and the truck has become quite the conversational piece.

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