Please Check Out This Switch Plug For Me??

May 21, 2004
San Diego
Hey Guys

Kinda stuck here hoping someone can help.

I am trying to work on a aux fuel system for my 100 series (i know, i know) and am looking for the BACK plastic piece of this switch. The switch is an overseas aux tank switch that i found, but i cant get my hands on the back piece of it that the wires clip into. I really want to make this install as OEM as possible, so i am not going to just solder wires to the leads of the switch.

Anyone know of any Toyota Switchs that look like this in the back? I dont have my 80 anymore, but i thought one of the big switches in the middle of the dash did.

If i can find a US spec switch that has the same backing, i can order the part and everything is yippeedeedoodaa! :D

Anyone? Thanks


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