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Jan 12, 2007
I have a Japanese distributor that I purchased from SOR , part number 1910061010 and I was wondering if any of you people know of any pertronix applications that fit this distributor. I searched around but haven't yet found what I'm looking for. I'd thought I would use my CHEAT and post a question for you guys.
Wouldn't all LC distributors be japanese? What year cruiser and what type of distributor do you have? The pertronix setup will work with just about all LC distributors. If doesn't, you swap a compilant distributor into your righ that will work. I have a pertronix setup up in 73 fj40, running a 69 'japanese' distributor now for 10 years??, I think. Pertronix runs falless all these years. I also had one in my 1975 2F pig before switching it over to a V8. But the 1975 LC distributor did require a little machining to get it to work.
Call Mark Smith, He sells dozens of those pertronixs yearly.
I have a 10/76 with a "Non-USA" distributor and had to call Pertronix to get the right unit. The people at Pertronix are very helpful. Call their tech line.
I'm not sure if all distributors for the LC are from Japan otherwise Marv at SOR wouldn't be asking me if I had a Japanese distributor. Your guess would be as good as mine, I was just trying to describe the distributor. As for the brand, I have no Idea other then the ink stamp on the side reading " JAPAN" with the part number I listed above. It's only a year old and other then the vacuum advance and the little dial on the side of it to adjust the timing 1 degree each way, I don't know what brand it is. I'll take a picture of it and post it in a few.
Here we go
That dizzy will NOT accept ANY pertronix as a direct drop in. It is an aftermarket distributor, not genuine Toyota. I tried.

With some minor grinding, I believe a 1665a will fit.

BTW. I am a pertronix distributor. If you call me at the shop after May 5th [when I get back from wheeling] I'll get you some prices.:)


Mark A.
Cool, you got yourself a deal. This site amazes me! I'd just like to take a moment and thank all you out there for the great and not so great advise. Keep em coming!
Vasse is dazz?

Did what you are considering. Bought the same dizzy you have from SOR (heard it was Chinese?). The petro I bought form SOr or Man-a-fre, not sure. Grinding? didn't do that but had to drill the hole shown through the dizzy body to make room for the petro wires. The original hole is too close to the petro unit, bunching the wires. You will also have to remove the wadda you call it? the advance plate? and drift out those two little set pins in the plate so that the petro unit sits flat. Easier than it sounds honest....Plate comes out easy, take care not to damage those bearings on the outer diameter of the plate when drifting the pins out. The setup works bitchin dude! Good idea you have there.

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