Performance Mods to A440F & A442F

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Feb 1, 2014
Just curious, as others may be....

I bought a Nomad Valve Body from Wholesale Automatics in Melbourne for my A440F/1HZ-T

A very nice bit of kit, fast, snappy, flare free gear changes under all conditions.

One of the things they do in the valve body upgrade is change out one of the pressure control valve springs for a longer/stiffer one. I'm guessing this is to make the whole hydraulic system run at a higher pressure?

I know they do a lot more than just change the spring, but I was wondering if there would be any gains to be made in just changing out or shimming the spring in stock valve bodies.

Has anyone done this?

Does anyone have any other easy mods/tweaks to these units that we can all benefit from?

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