painted floors

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Most use stain. Pretty tough if there has been any oil leakage. As far as I know nothing is going to bond to those areas.
it is a brand new floor... not even poured yet :D really....
Ok, now you're talkin'.

The best way is to stain it right after its poured. Powdered stain sprinkled over the surface and bullfloted into the concrete. I my case we used two different colors of stain, (one tan, one dark brown). Check you're local concrete supplier for products they use in your area.

If you want a killer floor for inside the house, do the same thing and have it "stamped" (rubber 4x4 mats with a pattern in them).

Ours looks like something I've hiked on in southern Utah.

If I was digital, I'd post some pics....
I epoxy'ed mine and posted the pics in another thread on here. There are also a couple in my pictures link below. ...Steve
I epoxy'd my old garage floor with black "Behr" garage floor paint. Worked pretty well. It was a very old garage floor with stains on it and such, i did two coats of black after putting a coat of the adhesion promoter. Made me happy.
the u- coat it stuff is supposed to be pretty good. I used rustoleum Epoxy garage floor coating. been down a here and super tuff! Welding or hard grinding will mark it but its hardly noticable.

With new concrete you need to let it sit at least 30 days before coating it as the concrete is still curing and damp.

check out they have a complete section on their forum for floor coatings.

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