OVERLAND IMPORTS bringing Brasilian Born Bandeirantes to North America (1 Viewer)

Feb 27, 2016
Atlanta, GA


I started a company in November 2015 and we have been importing many many Toyota Bandeirantes every month from Brasil to USA. We have figured out all the sourcing, fixing and inspection, shipment in containers, customs clearance, and titling and upgrading them in USA for suspensions, wheels, tires, turbos, AC/Heater, etc. You can find us at www.overlandimports.com or just call me, Daniel Barbalho, at 404-273-1082 and I would be happy to answer any questions. We have been shipping Bandeirantes from Washington DC to San Diego to Colorado to even Alaska. We are by far the largest importers of Toyota Bandeirantes and we also support all our customers with sourcing replacement or upgrade parts from Brasil.

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