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Nov 6, 2006
Victoria, TX
I've been looking at a 73 virgin Cruiser. It has no rust and other than the original wheels being gone it's all original, the top has never been removed and it has been in Phoenix for most of it's life. I've been informed that it has been in AZ in a storage facility until recently. The original owner gave it to his nephew recently. Who is selling it. He has the original title. He is selling it for $6500 I know this is a good price but I want to know what it is most likely worth.

It matters more where you are going to end up with the thing. Are you wanting an unmolested example of a cruiser, or do you want to use it as a DD or wheel it or both or trail rig?


Sounds like you wanna buy to resell...it's only worth what someone wants to pay for it.

If that's not enough, compare to stuff like found on ebay.
not resale

I want to take it from it's current state though a full restoration over the span of about 5-10 years no hurry and make it completely original. Then use it when I don't have to work so much for a toy and adventure vehicle.


If that's the same truck, then I saw it today. If it was as described, it probably would have sold for the asking price while I was there. However, the truck has at least 154k on it, and it has been neglected some.

First the bad:

Terrible fender cut. Jerry can holders bolted to fender and hard top. Vent/skylight cut in fiberglass top. A little wrinkly at the rear tub corners -- possible repair attempt on driver's side, rust ripple on passenger side near the spare-carrier mount point. Oil leaks all over the engine, tranny and txfer. Evidence of leaky radiator. Holes drilled in front corners of hood for hood locks. Very wet (oily) PCV joint at inspection cover (pressurized crankcase?). Front seats need replacing/recovering. Jump seats need replacing/recovering. Door windows inop or very sketchy. Idles about 1200 rpm (and super rich). Springs are tired. Not much weatherstrip left anywhere (in fact, the windshield hinges and seam between WS and cowl appears to have been caulked!). Too many holes drilled in that nice metal. Going to need some work to get it running right. Dry knuckles. Lots of gunk built up on greasable parts (steering gear, etc.). Goofy wheels and awful tires. Hatch latch inop. By-passed heater.

The good:

It's straight. Looks like factory paint. Metal is nice -- not much rust at all, pretty impressive (but see wrinkly comment above). Looks like had carb work done recently (though you couldn't tell by how it ran). PTO winch. Surprisingly tight steering. Pretty much stock. Electrical seemed to work OK. Surprisingly complete. All knobs, gauges present and apparently working.

The unknown:

Didn't make it move, so no comment on axle noises, brakes, tranny/diff noises, etc. Didn't operate winch.

I'd buy the truck for a project. $6,500.00? I've seen worse go for more. Me, I'd be pretty disappointed at that price level, but that might just be because I'm cheap.
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persimmon that's the one

Hey glad someone has had a chance to get their hands on it. I've been talking to the guys that have it and knowing that someone on here has probably taken a look at it I was hoping that someone would speak up. I'm not too worried about the holes they can be welded and cleaned up so that they were never there. The little bit of rust that's on it doesn't really bother me less rust than most. My question to you is how much should I realisticly offer for it? He was supposed to send me pictures today but hasn't yet.


I never did want something that was done couldn't make it my own if it were.
Hi Mrbinks

Pay whatever you are happy to pay and "to hell with whatever anyone else thinks about it". That's my advice.

The best thing I ever did was to start ignoring what others think and to stop always trying to get the "best deal on the planet".

People will always boast of their "bargain buys" and be prepared tell you that you've paid too much.

The truth is that if you are looking for rock bottom prices from strangers, you are likely to get things that are in poorer condition. (A relative or close friend is the only one likely to do you a favour and give you a bargain.)

When I bought my BJ40 I paid close to top dollar at the time (even though it sounds a pittance now). The seller actually believed me to be a sucker. It had a slipping clutch he didn't tell me about (and which I never noticed till afterwards). Gearbox oil was leaking onto it!

Having said that I'm not suggesting you buy that one. (But do so if YOU want.) - Persimmon's write-up shows that he knows what he's talking about with regard to this vehicle's condition.

As far as working out what a vehicle is "really worth". Who the devil cares?????? (I am a cruiser nut so I have no interest in profit-motivated purchases.)

Get in tune with what YOU YOURSELF really want. Then go out and find it. But take your time. Once you've looked at few - and perhaps found some were beyond your budget - you'll soon develop an idea of what you need to pay without needing any outside input.

And above all - Once you've made you're purchase - Ignore the smart-arse who will ivariably point to a "better" vehicle that changed hands for less.


Lost Marbles has said it better than I've heard it in a long time. Bravo!

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