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Nov 15, 2005
Charlotte, NC
I currently have on my rig an OME Heavy Front, Medium Rear with OME CC bushings. I have an ARB and M12000 winch in the front and a homemade dual swingout bumper on the rear and I also have Solid Rock Off-Road sliders. My rig sits perfectly even (no stickbug) since I put the rear bumper on and rides on 295 Hankook MT tires. I can tell the rear springs are maxed out so in order to remedy the situation and get an extra 1" lift, I was thinking of putting heavies in the rear (863's), adding Slee 1" spacers on the front springs and Slee CC bushings. My question is do you think this will keep things level (i.e. will the heavies in the rear lift the back by an inch over the mediums to allow me to add the 1" spacer to the front)? After I do this, I'm also planning on upgrading my tires to 315's. Do you think I'll have any rubbing issues?
863's should make your rear about an inch higher. I ran 850's + spacers for a few years with just the OME bushings and though it drove fine, so I wouldn't jump to do the Slee's just yet.. wait and see, IMO.

With the 315's you should be alright, but may need to lower the bump stops if it rubs, with that same setup my fronts rubbed just inside the fender wells in front at the top, on one of the bolts that holds the inside skirt on. On back, it rubbed a little bit on the frame. Now with 4" springs no rubbing in front, but still a little on the frame and full stuff. hth..

edit: actually I had 863J's in back when I went to 315's so new speculation is you're going to see a little more rubbing than I did unless you really lower that bump stop.
So, you drive around with your 80 emtpy all the time?

I have 850/863 with no spacers.

ARB/Warn 12K/dual bats/supercharger/HQ sliders/24gal secondary tank/Slee swing out rear with a 285/75R16 MTR and high lift on it.

Sitting empty with the secondary tank empty it stink bugs with the rear almost 2" higher than the front. ~5800 lbs.

Sitting fully fueled with a giant 5 day cooler, 12 gallons of water, camping gear and everything for a family of 4 to go remote for 4 days, plus all 4 of us in it, it sits level. The front drops 1" and the rear drops 3". ~7200 lbs rolling.

So... the giant variable here is how much weight do you plan to carry at the extremes? Stink bug looks slightly goofy. Reverse stink bug looks just plain wrong. So, I accept a bit of stink bug when empty/light in order to not reverse stink bug when loaded to the gills.

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