OME 4" spring failures?

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Sep 22, 2014

So I am having an issue with my 80, severe rake to the front....

Specs are
1991 fj80
4" OME lift kit with castor correction
full bull bar and fender guards
factory winch
no towing or heavy loads.
3fe gas
A440 auto
33" tires

What has happened is the front springs have sagged about 3" on the right front and 2" on the left front. I have ordered better springs with a higher spring rate but I am wondering is anyone else having this issue?

My new springs will arrive from aussie land next week hopefully and I will be rid of this issue....

I want to make sure that the new springs I ordered will not fail. I got the OME pro springs. Old spring rate was low, these ones are higher with the same spring height. I will put the P/N in here when I get home.

Any ideas why a one spring would give up????? Never had it happen before!

What was the p/n on the old springs?
I ordered the high travel 2419 springs. 2420 springs are the 5" spring. I hope I chose right

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