Oil Pressure Gauge Is DOA

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Dec 12, 2005
The oil pressure gauge has been DOA since I bought the truck two and a half weeks ago. I thought it was a broken wire in the oil pressure wiring harness that was causing the problem, but after replacing the harness, the gauge is still dead. On the harness, there were three plugs (one black, one white, and one black with what appears to be a jumper) at one end (in addition to the oil pressure plug). Oil Pressure Harness.jpg
Does anyone know what these are for and what, if anything, they connect to? Mine had nothing attached to them and I could only find one thing in the engine remotely closeby that looked like it could take an electrical connection. Please forgive me since I don't know what all the engine parts are (I'm still getting to know my cruiser and still need to get the FSM) but I've posted two pics of the unknown object (located on the passenger side of the engine block).
Unknown Object Top View.jpg Unknown Object Bottom View.jpg

Thanks for whatever light you can shed on my dilemna. Stay tuned for the next thread of "name that rubber... part."
Oil Pressure Harness.jpg
Unknown Object Top View.jpg
Unknown Object Bottom View.jpg
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Those are sending units, not for sure, but they probly need to be hooked up for your gage to work...
If you can, plug them in and I bet you get some sort of change
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The "can" is the oil pressure sender. Two wires connect ot it. The other wire goes to the A/C Compressor IIRC.

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