Oil leaks......

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Sep 2, 2014
So. OR
I have been monitoring increased oil consumption. It is now reached the point where I have to allocate a trip to the shop or open the tool box. Take a look at these two quick shots from lunch and tell me what you think. I will review the FSM later tonight for the schematics. The second shot is of the lines next to the radiator on the drivers side. My theory is oil is getting slung over there..... Knowing the cumulative experience here is vast I thought I would see what comments everyone has-

Start with front crank seal and oil pump o ring, clean and reinspect. But new screws for the oil pump as they will likely strip out.
As always, please provide Make, Model, and year...... It makes a difference which engine you have....3F, 3FE, 1FZ-FE

Dizzy O-Ring
Oil Pump Cover
Front Main Seal
PS Pump Hoses
Trans Cooler Hoses

Those are always the first ones to check.
As always, please provide Make, Model, and year...... It makes a difference which engine you have....3F, 3FE, 1FZ-FE

Dizzy O-Ring
Oil Pump Cover
Front Main Seal

Those are always the first ones to check.

When I installed my supercharger @150k miles, I addressed a bunch of oil leaks. The three above (buy extra oil pump cover screws as mentioned), valve cover gasket and my PS pump were the culprit of a dirty motor.
The valve cover actually has no seepage anywhere. I have known the Distributor O-ring needs doing as the leak is apparent. My only question now is whether to remove the radiator to have better access and clean everything up while I am in there.
In pic two are those lines for tranny fluid or eng oil utilizing the radiator core for cooling?
At the age of these vehicles it will probably be coming from many locations. Do yourself a HUGE favor, get the engine steam cleaned first and then look for the leak(s). You will not only be able to nail down where they are, it is SOOOO much nicer working on a clean engine! Don't waste you time with brake cleaner, engine cleaner and a pressure washer. You will spend a couple hours minimum, and a ton of chemicals, and not get it anywhere near as clean as you would with a steam cleaning system.

After you are done repairing the leaks then use the spray on engine cleaner and it will shine right up.
My first task when I bought it was to get the bay steamed; unfortunately I have not found anywhere in the Rogue Valley that does it. I will have to make some calls and see if I can find somewhere.
Ok. Engine was steamed earlier last week. Leaks are prevalent and the usual suspects. Oil pump cover, dizzy, and crank shafts seal all are guilty as charged. I have all the needed parts from CDan to proceed. My dilemma this morning is 1 part warm on the couch and 2 parts dammit. A detailed inspection of what I suspected was a "new" radiator has located the source of my coolant consumption.....a leak on the bottom of the mount flange drivers side. I can't source a radiator here until Tuesday. I start a solid 8 week travel itinerary Tuesday. So.....normally I would be stoked I can change the radiator and gain the extra R&R space as this would round out my baseline maintenance for the engine bay. But, this is not the case. I will have to change the radiator at a later date. The leak is small (for now) and manageable.
And done. Crank shaft seal was non-existent. Dizzy and oil pump Orings were petrified and shattered upon removal. Old water pump and belts will go in a spares kit for backup. Mud made life much easier. Only one screw had to be backed out after the head broke using the impact. I have worked on my share of vehicles and this one is really laid out well with a ton of space in the bay. Thanks for all the help. Correct information with the correct tools makes life even better.
20150202_143056.jpg Please ID this plug. i can not locate in the FSM.
The plug looks like the oil pump pressure relief valve plug.
I thought it was on the drivers side of the pump in the FSM pic? I will have to look again tonight. This is right below the oil pump facing fwd towards the radiator.

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