OEM Seatbelt Mounting - '78 USDM Hardtop (1 Viewer)

Apr 21, 2005
Guessing there aren't many options for hardtops without the mount location built-in (1971)?
Going to guess adding a bracket between the lid and hardtop is not advised? Same as bolting a bracket to the pillar where the cabin light is on later 40s (like it's done on old c10 )

From what I can tell the 73 model was the first year the hard top had the fixed nuts at the top. Believe some countries in Europe required three point seat belts as early as 73. The US imports had the bracket I posted a picture of earlier in this thread from 1/76-2/78. Other markets had that bracket well after 2/78 (no roll bar markets). The one in the picture I removed from a wrecked 84 HJ47RV from Australia.

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