Odometer ?

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Nov 11, 2016
New Jersey
Hello Gents,
Does anybody knows where or from where the odometer takes the info ??
Inside the transmission , wheel, or somewhere else ?
The reason I ask is that , after I replace the tires, the trip odometer is showing me about 10% less then what Google maps is saying. This was on two trips over 700 miles each.

Thank you very much
Thank you Tony.
The speedometer is not off. I went with 35" and installed 4.56 gears. I tested with two different GPS devices and and is within 1 mile.
Frankly I don't mind that because I am planing to keep the truck for a wile but I want to make sure that, this the case.
Thank you Sir
That is interesting that the speed and the odometer is different.

The computer gets its information from directly from the wheel (ABS wire) on automatic 200 series. So gear ratio changes won’t make a difference to the computer. Hope that helps.

Could you confirm you have 4.56s, I wasn’t tracking anyone made that ratio? Who makes them?
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After many years of comparing Speedometer and Odometer to outboard GPS units, it is clear that the two display different values on the LC200.

With a bone stock LC200 with stock P285/60R18 tires the Speedometer will indicate approximately 4% faster than actual speed, but the Odometer will accurately indicate miles travelled.

The 4% faster indication on the Speedometer is a result of Japanese law which dictates that under no circumstances should the Speedometer be allowed to indicate a speed slower than actual.

This setup has an interesting result when mounting the Toyota recommended LT285/70R17 tires which are apprtoximately 4% larger in circumference - the Speedometer indicates speed accurately, but the Odometer indicates about 4% fewer miles travelled.

Others can go ahead and do the calcs for different tire sizes and gear ratios.

Sorry if I miss lead . The truck is a GX 460. Nitro makes a 4.56 gear for these trucks. I asked the question here because is where I see the most knowledge. The 150 forum is almost dead. I guess not many people buy these and modify them.
Whatever difference is ?? no idea but is confirmed. Just did another 300 miles trip today and the odometer shows about 11% less then what Google maps and the IPHONE says. The 35" tire have about 11% less revolutions per one mile then the 30.5" that I had before and this may explain the difference.
Thank you for the info about the computer read and speedometer differences.
Apologize for the confusion.
The truck is a GX 460. ... Thank you for the info about the computer read and speedometer differences.
Apologize for the confusion.

I have no idea whether the info I posted is correct for the GX460.
Toyota has separate sensors for odometer and speedometer. Have for quite a while.
Thank you. Is good to know. I wonder what i should do now that my truck at 50 K milles in reality will show only 44 500 miles.
I am aware that there are some small differences (size wise), between the two models but also a LOTS of similarity, design and tech.
I will try to use common sense.
Thank you Sir

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