Ocean Dunes (Pismo) Under Attack


Oct 9, 2008
S. OC, CA & base of the W. Slope, CO
I'll just leave this here.
Oceano Dunes SVRA Under Attack

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Edit: update from Jim below. He's spot on State Parks needs to hear from all of us, make the call and send an email. We need as many people as possible to attend the Coastal Commission meeting. You can bet they'll have a number of people calling for closure...most likely those people don't even use the park.
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Oct 18, 2002
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Re-Post from the Friends of Oceano Dunes @friendsofoceanodunes


The Coastal Commission is about to ruin your Holidays at the Oceano Dunes. Summer vacations will be taking a big hit too!

If you have camping reservations for Thanksgiving and/or New Year’s or ANY time after July 11th 2019 at the ODSVRA I suggest you make a back-up plan. 300 camping reservations will be taken away starting July 11, 2019.
That’s right 300 campers will have to stay home. Who’s going to give up their reservation?

Of course all of this is subject to being able to cross the creek. Once the creek is flowing to the ocean, camping will be halted. At least the 700 who make it across the creek will get a quiet night’s sleep since night riding will be prohibited.

The Coastal Commission wants to:

“Users are not allowed to the southern side of the creek area when the creek may soon connect to the ocean”

“700 camping units per night as of July 11, 2019”

“All vehicular and OHV activity within ODSVRA shall be prohibited during nighttime hours (i.e., from one-hour after sunset and to one-hour before sunrise)”
The time is now to get involved!

1) Attend the Coastal Commission and speak up. ---This one is important
Date: Thursday, July 11th
Time: 9 am (show up early)
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel
333 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

2) Email your comments to the Commission at OceanoDunesReview@coastal.ca.gov because you know they’d LOVE to hear from you. In addition to your thoughts tell them they need to protect your rights for camping AND OHV use via the Coastal Act.

3) Give ‘em a ring at (831) 427-4863

4) Even send a fax (831) 427-4877

Let State Parks know what you think too! It's time Parks stops rolling over and stands their ground. You can email Parks here:

Jim@oceanodunes.org#friendsofoceanodunes#oceanodunessvra #pismodunes
Jan 19, 2017
Vancouver WA
Growing up in that area and spending time on those dunes, one thing that was always echoed "Do not cross the fence". Everyone I knew was willing to play by the rules to help recover the snowy plover. We might not have understood it or agreed with it but we did conform to the rules. People from other places didn't seem to care as much and the inforcement from the s***-tier rangers on that beach didn't help. I feel like this is a large backlash from a lack of control. Pismo makes crazy money on people coming in from all around the state to camp and play. This will murder most of that income. Hard to fund recovery efforts when you have no money. I want to hope for the best for the dunes but I worry that these are short sighted solutions. Those dunes should be protected. They are important.
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