Norcold mrft 40 questions

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Nov 5, 2005
I did a dumb thing. I bought a Norcold MRFT 40 from a guy living in Indiana. These are apparently the same as the old arb and the engel. It is so dang loud and vibrates so bad it vibrates itself across the floor which is quite a feat as its damn heavy. Otherwise it works just fine. It gets cold, stays cold, and even gets down to freezing too.

So I got fleeced. I can handle it, I knew it was risky when I got into it.

So here are two questions: 1) has any one else observed this "feature", and 2) can I fix it or have it fixed?
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I'd take the cover off where the switch is and turn it on. Look to see if any of the mounting points are unattached/unscrewed.

Well I talked to the fella thta sold it to me and he assured me that it worked when he sold it to me. There was something about him that made me believe him. He was always courteous and always returned my calls.

We launched a claim with ups. Just before they came to pick it up I fired it up again and it still vibrated, at least until I started gently rolling it end over end. Then it gurgled and went quiet. Its been running now for a few days and you can hardly hear it when the pump kicks in.

I am calling this case closed. Thanks for you help davegonz.


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