No more holes

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Oct 20, 2007
Sylva, NC
Finally after a year of being flareless and full of holes, decided to do linex. Here are a few pics.
Looks great! Love the sequoia wheels.
Looks good!
Looks good! Like it.
Just had 90% of my whole truck done with lineX
I am love'n it so far
What did you do to fill the holes? Or did you just use the Line-X for that?
Looks great! The black wheels and the linex are a great combo. I will be doing the same real soon with my LX450.
The line-x place just used aluminum tape over the holes and sprayed over that with line-x. I can't see where any of the holes were.
My LineX is thicker than my sheet metal in most spots, I mean alot thicker
Man that is a thing of beauty. I wonder how it'll look on other color than white.

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