No 4wheel Drive

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Feb 25, 2007
McDonough, Georgia
Recently I had to part with my 76 fj40 because of my purchase of a 96 fj80 in great condition. The guy I sold it to later emails me saying the 4wheel drive will not engage. Never did I have any problems with this and would never have sold it to anyone in that condition unless they were aware of the problem. Any ideas from anyone what might be the issue? He tells me that the shifter goes into the high/lo but the rear wheels do not engage when trying to pull a trailer.
Tell him not to be such a dumbass and either look into it himself or take it to a mechanic. Did you give him a warranty? Does he expect you to run over and fix it? Or is he saying 'you sold me a POS'?

Rear wheels not spinning? The only way this could happen is if he is shifting the transfercase into neutral. I think you/he may mean the front??? Maybe one or both locking hubs is sticking in the free position. Need more info.
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Tell him to post up here himself and we can help fix the problem.
I did ask him if he engaged the hubs which he said he did, however, since I can't take a look at it for myself I will be in the dark. Thanks for the input and when the problem is solved I'll post the fix if its other than operator error.
He tells me that the shifter goes into the high/lo but the rear wheels do not engage when trying to pull a trailer.

Is this correct? For the rear wheels not to engage either the drive shaft is missing, or an axle is broken or the transfer case is in neutral. He does know that it is H-N-L not H-L? If he can't get it into low gear, it might be something with the linkage or a problem inside the transfer case.
I had the same problem with my 78 the drop bar from the stick shift would pop out of place on the t-case. Some how it gained a little play so that bar would popout of the slot. Not sure if that makes any sense if not Sorry
maybe not going in all the way. what i do is. put it in first and have the clutch in. it to 4x4 hi. and slowly let off the cluchts and it would go in. I could see it when it goes it because i see the front drive line move (i dont have a shift boot)
That could well be the problem. Mine will not go back into 2 HI unless I put pressure on the T case lever and push it in while engaging a transmission gear. He has to get to know the truck. Tell him to get off the phone and go fiddle with the truck.
Thanks for the ideas! I told him to take a look at this website to get a feel for some of the common issues associated with the 40's. We all know its not a j*@p, its a Landcruiser! Work the bugs out and you have the best offroad vehicle made. Unfortunately for him it will be awhile before he can mess with it again since he is in the middle east for a while.

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