Newbie...sort of.

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Jan 16, 2022
Washington state
Well I figured its time to join the conversation! I've been tapping into this amazing resource for a while now and you guys are amazing! In 1989 I turned 16 and my dad bought my twin brother and I a car to share, it was a blue 1977 fj40 (he wanted it more than we did at the time). We shared it for about a few years until we got tired of sharing and my brother moved on to another hand me down f150 while I kept the fj40. It served as my only daily (I use the word loosely) driver for many years. I threw a rod through the side of the original 2f block on the highway in 1992 and replaced the entire engine with a 1973 Fj40 F engine. I continued to drive it until it quit running in about 2001 at which point it got parked as I didn't have the time or the money to get it running and opted for a newer more reliable car. Fast forward to 2022 I could never find it in me to get rid of it (dispite my wifes many requests to do so), now my son is turning 16 and he and I want to get it up and running again for him to drive. He's not convinced yet as to how cool these rigs are, but I'm working on him too. Looking forward to many conversations with everyone here!
welcome! pics? I will leave the traditional salute to the next member :grinpimp:
welcome! pics? I will leave the traditional salute to the next member :grinpimp:

WELCOME TO MUD ............. :grinpimp::grinpimp::grinpimp:

(.12) - Copy.jpg
To each his own, but in my opinion, I really like how it looks. Obviously it’s not my choic,e, but if it were mine, I wouldn’t paint it
Thanks Pura Vida! I hit it with some rattle can primer just before it got parked 20 years ago to try and keep the rust at bay. Its been parked in my garage since then so the rust has been minimal. Paint will be the last thing on the to do list.

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