new spacer required :D

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Apr 10, 2004
san pancho, ca
finally got around to testing my trial wheel that arrived a few weeks ago.


running fj60 vented rotors w/large 4runner calipers


16" wheels are available through summit with a custom BS = 3 1/8th inches


NO caliper clearance issues to report :)

now I just need to order 3 more, and rubber to match
That's great, who makes it?

What is the P/N?

Can you get them in different colors?


x2 Sounds like Summit is where you gottem' Are those 16 inchers? With 3-1/8" backspacing? How much were they. I'll be runnin' the same disk settup you described.

Just call summit, and tell them you want the same wheels as manny :D
The only thing better then the manufacturing quality of the wheel is the cost - $47 each,

Part# 70-7660-SPEC

SPEC = you must specify the BS
US wheel informed me that 3 1/8th is the Minimum BS available on this 16x6 wheel.

All custom BS wheels will be BARE metal, and take a week or so before they are shoot them what ever color you want.

They also make a 16x7 (70-7760-SPEC) wheel, which may be available w/less BS...

Mr Manny

Thanks for the pics. I have the exact same rim and wheel hub. I was going to use the 4runner calipers , but I went for the LC calipers instead . I was concerned with BMC more than with clearance.
Anyway what BMC are you using?
I also noticed that your wheel studs seem to be short, but maybe it is just my bad eye sight.
Could you explain what is BMC?

Out of curiosity, what is the difference between LC calipers and large 4runner calipers?
My calipers have 4 equal size (large) pistons, where other calipers have a two-large/two-small configuration.

The studs are fine, the taller then average lug-nuts give the illusion of short studs (your not the 1st to commented on this).
Thanks for your concern,
Thanks man.
BMC I mean brake master cylinder .
I was afraid my old brake drum master cylinder, wouldn't work good with the heavier 4runner calipers so I used the land cruiser calipers.
Now I have my front and rear caliper are exactly the same. It worked out fine, but I really wanted the 4runner calipers. I thought that will proportion the brakes better. I read some where , that with the 4runner calipers you might have to use a differenr brake master Cylinder. That is why I asked.

My MC came from a 4whl disc Supra I found in the yard (15/16" bore)...bolts right-on.
A cruiser shop that I trust told me this is the minimum bore they recommended for a 4whl disc setup.
My rears are GM MonteCarlo calipers, a common setup...tons of info from search/FAQ.

I'm positive my brakes prevented me from hitting a guy, as he stepped off the sidewalk and right into my lane.
Between my truck skidding to a stop, and him screaming "I'm sorry!, I'm sorry!"...I forgot to yell at him :D

This reminds me, due to my GM rear-rotors, my rear studs were on the short-side (original 72 studs).
A set of fj60 studs (approx 1/4" longer) took care of that.

Thanks for the reply . That guy was lucky. I am always worried about things like that. You can't be too careful these days with kids running around like they own the streets.
Looks like the TRE has plenty of clearance. Do you think you could have used say 3.5" or even 4.0" Back space? You should have a nice wide stance the way you have it. With 4.0" it would not be a custom order. I like 16" rims anyway.

Thanks Andy
I'm sure you would not encounter any issues from running a stock 3.5" BS.

only other pic I found of TRE clearance:


gimp to the rescue :D


With the stock 3.5 BS, I was already rubbing on the inside rear wheel-wells and caught the Steering Box sheet-metal cover.
For these reasons, I would not recommend running anything MORE then the stock BS.

I guess you could extend your bump-stops to limit the articulation if you wanted to run more BS?

If anyone is interested, I'll take some TRE clearance measurements when I get some tires.
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OK, when I get paint on my rig 3 1/8" it is. I've been though the "wheel" search about a hundred times.

What kind of tire are going with, and why 6" width. I was think 7" wide wheels.

My rig only has a couple of laps around the block, and I hate to get some wheels and find out they're not right.
I am really pleased with my current setup:
Stock fj40 wheels (5.5" width) with 33x10.5 tires...I think 6" will be perfect for 285/75R16s.

The other reason for going with this width, is the future beadlock mod :D

These kits usually add an additional 1" to 1.5" to the wheels width.

Since custom BS wheels already come bare, I couldn't resist :D
remaining wheels arrived :D


Beadlock kit from, thanks Dan :D


another angle of backspacing

between stock


new wheels

some buddy Doug welded up 2 inners :D

snapped a pic to show what it looked like before grinding


after more grinding



Doug took care of the valve = proper orientation is a good thing :D


after some sanding with a 60grit disc



I think this one is ready for etching primer and paint :D


3 more to go...
Manny, you gonna have those on for Rubithon?
The game-plan is to keep my 33s for DD, and my new bling for wheelin :D

Hope to have wheels painted on Sat. and mounted on Monday...

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