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Oct 1, 2022
Little Elm, TX
Just joined the group. Picked up my "new" 2001 LX470 last week. I've been wanting a Land Cruiser for a looooong time. We were looking for a "fun" second vehicle, and I needed something a little more capable off road than my wife's Mini Countryman. Figured now was the time to snag a 100 series while the were still relatively affordable. After driving every $h!tb@x 100 series, 4 runner, and even an 80 series in my area, I found this one owner mall crawler of an LX470. Meticulously serviced (I know because I talked to the shop that's been servicing it for the last seven years or so.) The original owner definitely babied it. Looks garage kept, oil changes were done like clockwork, and if a part or system needed to be repaired or replaced it was. Water pump, timing belt, and all associated seals, gaskets etc were done 15k ago, the brake master cylinder/booster was replaced 10k ago. Interior is super clean, and the AHC works perfectly (13 or so ticks between low and high). It rides like new. If my wife could get in without a step ladder she might steal it from me.

I bought it to use hunting and fishing, and so I broke it in dove hunting this morning. Pretty sure this was the first time it's seen dirt roads in its life. It took it like a champ. Super capable off road, super comfortable getting me there and back. The only negative is that I probably spent at least $30 on gas just getting to the dove field and back.




Sep 12, 2018
Riverview, FL

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