new fj40 windshield

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Aug 14, 2005
United States
This is for a brand new FJ40 windshield from Toyota, still in wrapping. I found out that it wouldn't fit my 69 windshield frame even though toyota says it does. There is a lot of talk about this on the forum. It fits on windshield frames that have the wipers on the bottom. Part #56111-90800 and it has the original tint strip at the top.

Located in Tempe, AZ

I paid $160 for it locally at dealer.....will sell for $100.
thanks, yeah i had to have a glass shop make me one since i can't get a reproduction or oem glass locally
well i would but about a year went by......i was collecting parts during the restoration and I misplaced the reciept. I am sure somebody local in phoenix would like it.

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