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May 12, 2016
Just picked up a 1973 FJ with a Chevy 350 swap mated up to a H55 trans. It has a new Ironman 2" lift but does not sit level for some reason. The rear appears to already have anti inversion shackles. Is the remedy to just get even longer rear shackles?


Congrats....on the FJ40. I believe I have seen that one before, did you get buy it from Southern California?
I did get it from Southern California. Do you know anything about its history or previous owner? I purchased it from Cross Country Cruisers but don't have any info on its prior life.
Nice cruiser, I wish I had that tranny

Welcome to mud!

Having a 40 low in back is very common. Mine is about 2" low in back according to measurements from the floor to the rain gutter.

Can you post some pics of the suspension, front and back? That would be very helpful, and of course it would help with the Mud addiction.

Nice looking FJ-40. Welcome to the Forum...there is a lot of smart people on here so get ready to learn a lot about our addiction.

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