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Apr 21, 2009
Sultan Wa
Pick up a lexus lx 450 It was hit in the front. Its stock on locker 183k, only 60k on motor cost $2,200 and it will cost about $800 it get it back on the road. I live in Sultan WA, not very good with a pc. This Looks like a good site for info. I will get some pics up later. Hi Everyone Drifter. :hillbilly:
Ah, another WA cruiser. Do you plan to take the new toy to Reiter? Good find if its only going to cost you 3k to get it going. If you figure out more about the computer, post some pictures.
I have an 85 4x4 Xcab with 22re and love it. So when this 97 lx 450 came up as a good deal I jumped onit.
Welcome! If only I could find one like that.


I posted it here, too. But Gary hopped on it and I'm glad he did. I would've hated to see it go to scrap.

Glad to see you signed up here Gary. You'll really be glad you did when you need some obscure part or when you start tracking down that EGR problem. :D Like I said, let me know if you need to see one that's all put together still.
Welcome! :):flipoff2:
Bienvenido!!! = Welcome!!!:flipoff2:

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