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Thanks for sharing that.
I had no RTTs date that far back.
You'd never know by the gawkers. I haven't see many myself.
Oh yeah, I know they aren't made cheaply in China. Who is Mike S and where is he? In Canada they are poorly represented, and from what I see on the website from the guy in Quebec, they get add on charges to get one out west. But for now, the initial cost and real need has kept me from pulling the trigger on getting one. Thanks for all the links and extra information.

To be honest, my intentions are to mould the roof of my FJ 40 so that the Autohome tent looks like a permanent westfalia style roof. I think it would be a fun fibreglass project that if done right could be quite popular idea. I'm currently designing roof line trim on my 60 for a RTT with skirting all around.
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Ok thanks. The CVT tents are made in China correct? I imagine the cost difference is justified some how with mfg process, materials etc. Is there any info pertaining to this we can read up on?

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