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Feb 23, 2015
Jacksonville, FL
Noticed today that my transmission inspection cover was missing? The trapezoidal shaped plastic or rubber plug on the bellhousing. Is it bad for that to be gone? If so does anyone know of where I can get one overnighted to me for fairly cheap? I leave for deployment in a few days so I don't have time to wait and I know the missus ain't gonna crawl up under there and put it in before she drives it across the country! Help?
CDan or Beno.
They gave me a funny look at the dealership when I tried to describe what I was looking for, and wouldn't look at what I needed without putting it on a lift and charging me shop fees. Thank you for the part number! Makes my head hurt less when I don't have to grunt and make hand shapes to the desk guy.
35119-36010 pn buy it from your dealership it's only a couple bucks and isn't worth shipping.


The correct number is 90950-01803
Well that's my bad I must be thinking about the wrong part or it's for a different transmission, than the one I'm running.

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