My Garmin Story!!! (Customer Service Is Not Dead!!!)

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May 21, 2004
San Diego

I recently had an awesome customer service experience that i thought i would share with you guys.

I bought my Garmin 276c Unit on 8-15-05 (almost 2 years ago).

I havent taken the best care of it, not as well as i should of.

The other day, i went to disconnect it from the PC and the entire guts of the USB plug came out of the unit with the cable. I pulled too hard and the wiring pulled right off of the board inside the unit!

I emailed tech support, told them exactly what happened, and noted that i have owned many Garmin units since the III was first released and this was my first problem ever!

He replied within minutes with an RWA # and told me he would warranty it.

It was almost a year out of warranty.

I sent it in and told them i need it ASAP because of my Gonzaga trip coming up.

I get an email saying the repair is complete and shipping back within 3 days of sending it out.

The next day, there is a package on my door!

Turns out, they NEXT DAY aired me a BRAND NEW UNIT!!!! The paper inside, said that mine was beyond repair so they replaced it with a new one!

This was all 100% free of charge and took less then 7 days from when i sent it, to when i got the new one.

I was MOST impressed and will continue to buy and use Garmin products!

Your experiences may vary, but i was most pleased with mine!
That is customer service!
my limited experience also suggests that Garmin service is better than Magellan's (which downright sucked...)
Very good to hear. This type of service seems to be getting more rare lately. Definitely leans me toward Garmin when I finally get a GPS.
I agree many companies are not standing by their product that way... nice to see there are still companies like that, If I buy a gps unit that will definately make a difference...
I had a great experience with Garmin. The lens on my Quest got really scratched up after only one trip, my fault, I contacted them about getting it fixed. I sent it in they sent me a new replacement within a week. Very pleased with Garmin.

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