multi-layered top / matte exterior

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Since no one else has responded, I'll give it a try. I've never heard of multi layered canvas. All the soft tops I've seen are just one layer of heavy canvas. As far as the paint in question, Any metalic paint has small glitter particles in it. The paint that would be what you want would be just white and not metalic. Hope this helps. Where are you located?
In Pakistan they make mostly multilayered vinyl tops... Multilayered tops are heavier and don't flap as much

If it is a true full multilayered canvas it is probably a lighter canvas that is layered because a heavy canvas can't be sourced ... Or the top layer is of better quality or treated and lower layer is of lesser quality or untreated

Most canvas tops are multi layered on some areas to give strength especially around bows and cotton webbing
Thanks Johnny for clearing that up.
Sonnendeck, german canvas, and twillfast are multi layered soft top material used in many modern cars like bmw and camero. There are different qualities. Typically they are an acrylic outer later and a cotton inner layer. The middle layer is a rubber of some kind. Ive seen as many as 7 layers. Every layer of a fabric type material will have a layer of rubber with it. So you should only see 3,5,7 layers etc
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Afaik ehsan had a hard time finding anything of a good quality even

what i never understood about this is that he could ship his tops around the world but couldn't find any quality materials... does that country not allow you to buy anything from other countries?

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