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Nov 13, 2006
Victoria B.C.
Not a Cruiser but the rule is "He who dies with the most toys wins"
It's a 2008 Yamaha Kodiak 4WD with diff lock,bigger tires,warn winch,tool box and a rack for 2 guns when the zombie's arrive. It only has 700k and 80 hours on it and looks like new. It should be good for pre scouting trails for Cruiser runs. IMGP1325.JPG IMGP1326.JPG IMGP1327.JPG
Nice ride. I've got a Can Am, I use mine mainly for plowing snow and yard duty now. Come on up island
and I'll go for a run when I get home.
Nice Vern. Hey once you get it all fixed up will you be selling it? Let me know! :)
Oh yeah, I only get really hurt when out with 2 or more rigs. I never get hurt riding by myself.

BTW, how many other guys here have ATV's?

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