Moon Glow 95 refresher

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May 19, 2005
North Florida
We've added another 80 to the fleet. Overall it's in very good condition, but before it can be put into service, it needs some TLC.

The truck was listed as a mechanics special, my favorite kind of cruiser. When I responded to the Craigslist ad, the seller told me to meet him at PEP BOYS. The truck had been towed there after the front diff froze, rendering it immobile. Fortunately, this occurred at parking lot speeds. I struck a deal with seller and got to work. The guys at PEP BOYS watched in amazement as I pulled the front drive shaft and hub flanges then drove it on the trailer.

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I happened to have a spare front 80 third to relieve the original one of its duty. While I had it all apart, I put in an order for new bearings, seals and gaskets for the front end. I also ordered new pads and brake lines + some tune up parts.

Installing a new dist o ring, tube seals, valve cover gasket, phh, heater control valve, coolant lines, plugs, belts, hoses, cap, rotor, wires, PVC valve etc.

I have plans to do the oil pump and front seal when I replace the radiator,but that's a job for mañana.

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Great looking Cruiser! Glad to see another saved.
Good score and nice work so far saving another one. Also good color choice on the liner, I had picked the same for my moonglow but have been having a hard time letting go of years of memories ... Er pinstripes.
What's up with that side trim. Doesn't look OEM but doesn't look too bad. Was it more of a door ding guard?
Nice work - always loved that color..... that Monsta-liner is perfect, look forward to seeing the end result.
What's up with that side trim. Doesn't look OEM but doesn't look too bad. Was it more of a door ding guard?

That's what I said. What's up with this side trim? I'm from the school of less is more, so off they went as well as a few badges and a pinstripe.
I saw the same fzj80 on craigslist. Great find
Always good to see LCs saved! Awesome!!
i just swapped the rear axel last week and will do the front axel swap when my spacers come in next week. if you want help come over and we'll em both at the same time. likely much faster and easier with an extra set of hands or two. good time to add a sm lift for offroading while your in there depending on your intended usage.
Ive been derailed with a couple other projects. Today, I jumped back on the 80.

I'm finishing up the front axle. I really enjoy this job especially once everything is cleaned and ready to reinstall.

Thanks to Gunnar for turning my rotors with the new wheel bearings.

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