Mid-Island welding/metal supply

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Oct 21, 2017
Nanaimo, BC
I've done some business with Praxair and Air Liquide but am wondering if I'm missing something.

Looking for best places for consumables like gas, wire, tips etc...

Also, what about steel? Any place good for scraps and/or where do you buy new?

I have a Miller 140 and luckily unused 40 amp 240v wiring to my work area. Upgraded my welding outlet to 20amps and it made a world of difference in heat output on the Miller.

I've spent the last week laying beads trying to get my chops up but could always use some more scrap for practice.

Metal Supermarket seems crazy expensive but I haven't kept an eye on prices much lately.

Thanks very much,

AJ Forsyth - Russell Metals on 1950 E Wellington
I bought 24' of 1/2" x 6" for less than the ~ 36" I wanted at Metal Supermarket. I've got more, anyone want
any? I used it for the frame mounts on the rear bumper for my 60.
I've been known to go to a metal fab shop and ask if I can dumpster dive in their recycle bin. This usually
involves a flat of pop for the lunch room for payment. Lots of bits of stuff in cut offs from a big shop.
Just be polite, most of them seem to be okay with it so long as you're respectful and not greedy.

I've only bought DOM in short pieces at Metal Supermarket lately, just too expensive.
Wow good score on that flatbar. Thanks for the suggestions.

I have some 3/8" plating scraps for gussets but may hit you up on that 1/2" if I need it. :)

The only real dimensional pieces of tubing I may be looking for are 5"x2" square tubing in 5' lengths.
I am looking for a 1/2" piece for a welding table. Just keep balking at the price.

DSS welding on Allenby in Duncan often have a huge scrap pile that you rummage through for cheap or free.
^^^^ That is cool! Hey didn't there used to be a Land Cruiser place down near there? That guy really knew his stuff. ;) :hmm:
Until Schneitzer - jerks - took over the local metal pile by the Nanaimo airport we used to be
able to pick and hunt there. But now they give you next to nothing for your scrap and don't allow any

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