Mechanic Recommendation in NY/NJ area?

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Apr 24, 2007
Central NJ
I'm looking for a mechanic in the NY/NJ area to do a front axle rebuild. My LX450 is approaching 110k miles & I started hearing some grinding noise coming from the axle.

I would like to take the challenge of doing it myself but I currently don't have the garage space or tools to tackle the job. I've heard of Jose Rivera but I can not find his contact info.

Also, would anyone have a rough estimate as to how much it would cost for the labor? I'm planning on ordering the parts from Cdan.

Thanks. I'll give him a call.
If you don't mind waiting a year and half for Jose to get the job done right, then you're in good company. I like Jose, but his business model especially within a small community has to improve, greatly.

Jose did work on my 60 the first time. Within a year it was rusted to hell. Granted he repaired it again gratis, but the PITA to bring it back to him and then the constant "it's not done yet," got old quickly. I also lost tools and other things.

Jose does outstanding work without a doubt... when he's focused.

When he's moving shop every 3 months in Jersey, frankly, he's not.

He's got the exceptional capability, talent and know how to do the job right, but he often doesn't.

It bums me out, because I really like Jose and he came highly recommended from other GCLC members.

I now take my 60 to Tedd at Cruiser Solutions in NH and also to Kabillians in Marshfield, MA for general work.

I like Jose, but his business doesn't work for me.
Thanks for the feedback.

I looked under my rig this weekend to see where the sound is coming from and there was a tiny rock stuck in between the cat heat shields. I guess I just assumed it was the front axle since it's due for a rebuild, just my paranoia I guess. Just like my paranoia that my head gasket will give any day now as well.

I know that I still need to get an axle rebuild as a preventive maintenance so my search for a local Yota Mechaninc continues....
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