M416 was on GovLiquidation in San Antonio

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May 22, 2010
Plano, TX
If you saw the M416 that was on the GovLiquidation site at the Ft. Sam Houston Army base in San Antonio, I brought it home today. First, the 3 page EUC form is easy to fill out if you use their online version that walks you through it. I had to make a couple of changes after submitting it to meet their criteria, but after that it only took a week and a half to get a letter from them saying the received my application, and a few days after that I got an email saying my purchase had been approved and the 10 day window to pick it up was active. That location only allows pick-ups Monday thru Thursday from 7AM to 2PM so plan on taking a day off from work. They tell you to have ID, insurance on the vehicle picking it up, and your registration. Well, I went thru the commercial gate behind a Monster Energy and a Fritos truck, and the security guard just looked at my ID and the invoice for the trailer and gave me better directions than what was on the website. It was much easier to get on the base than expected and very fast, and they did not inspect my vehicle either so I could have left the Beretta in it's hiding spot. :doh:

The spare wheels & tires were hiding a fist sized hole in the front of the tub. Here's some photos for now, and I'll post more after I get time to break it down for sand blasting, powder coating, and paint. I'll have to get all new tires since all 3are dry rotted, and since I plan on using it with my Tundra occasionally I will stay with the military style wheels and tires instead of changing out the axle like some have done so it will have the 6x5.5 pattern. Anybody need a 7.5x16 wheel and tire for their John Deere tractor?? And no, it is not the same lug pattern as our LC's
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Pics of the trailer. I used a Uhaul 6x12 trailer, but the gate was too narrow. Luckily they had a fork lift with long forks to pick it up and drop it in. I had to take off the fenders, and my neighbor and I walked it out.




Cool. What did you end up paying on GL?
Cool. What did you end up paying on GL?

It was a little over $800 after they hit me with the 10% Buyers Premium, but luckily no sales tax on top of that.

The hole in the floor that was hidden by the extra wheels was a bummer, but someone left a note in the trailer with an offer to buy the foam filled tractor tire and wheel so that may help offset that repair some. I even had an email forwarded to me from Govliquidation with another bidder offering to buy it, but I declined it since I was tired of trying to find one of these.
With the help of some PB Blaster and an air impact gun I was able to get the tub off tonight.

i love watching these builds

congrats on the auction, i am watching them auctions like mad too.

If the surge brake is working correctly, they make very good brakes. Alittle weight in the trailer makes it work even better.
Does the surge assembly work?

The make good boat anchors.

Not sure just yet if it works since I am breaking it down to take the frame, wheels, etc. off for sand blasting and powder coating. The weight of the surge brake does make it a pain to move around since the landing leg is missing and the mount for it is broken, but I have a new one on order already. I did find out that if I need to replace the master cylinder, you can use one for a Willys Jeep.

There is a M416 group on Yahoo that has the inch thick manual available for download once you join, and other info about these trailers. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/M416/

I found a local source here in the Dallas area for the 7.00x16 NDCC tires - http://www.wallacewade.com/index.htm. They have the tires in stock for $138 each and the tubes for $16 which is a better deal than Summit Racing since they charge and extra $9.50 each for shipping. The only catch is you have to go to a tire shop to have them mounted.

I pressure washed the frame tonight and it is in great shape. I'd love to know where this was before it ended up in San Antonio since it had moss growing on the fenders and some other spots.
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Looks like a great trailer. Thanks for posting.
Congrats on your purchase.

I notice the thread is several months old. Any progress on your build? We'd love to see how it turned out!



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