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Aug 29, 2012
Going to start this project soon. My 416 is completely torn down and the suspension bearings, the "C" shaped links, and other suspension parts were toast. I have been trying to find sources for these parts and I must not be looking in the right places. Any links you can suggest would be very helpful.

Also I plan on replacing the axle completely. Is there a way to have electric brakes and the stock hand brake setup? Or is there another way to lock the trailer brakes while it's off the truck? If not then I guess I will just use wheel chuks. Thanks.
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Wow it's lonely in here..o_O..48 views and no replies. anyone have anything to offer?
There are retailers, forums, and enthusiast groups for these and similar trailers. Have you googled m416, m101, and army trailer?
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Got mine from kaiserwillys.com. Look up suspension parts for a CJ3A suspension, interchangeable. Make sure to get one left and one right, the threads are opposite. Also have the spring pivot bolts.

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