M105 my new trailer

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Mar 6, 2004
marshalltown iowa
Good am all. Picked up a M105 yesterday from GL auction here in iowa. It will be pulled with my 76 chevy K20. My dad had a hitch made to make the trailer ride close to level for the trip home.
Only one pic so far.
Plans are use it to haul wood and junk. Eventually I will switch out the axle becsuse this thing is huge but love it. PS. This is not my truck.


Heavy duty trailer. I have two of them, one for the deuce and the other I'll cut down, someday. Good you're getting a new axle with electric brakes, hopefully. The 105 has air assisted brakes. Watch your fingers on that landing gear, it's heavy!

Hauled mine from Ok. back to Mo.

Wow. That's a load. Awesome. For now gonna use it as is for fire wood.
They are definitely heavy trailers, and are made to go the long haul! I bought one on Okinawa a few years ago and quickly realized my FJ75 needed a little more butt to handle it. The 12HT pulled it OK, it was stopping that got interesting.

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