LX 470 AHC Accumulator Removal

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Dec 21, 2021
Wenatchee, WA
Spent the weekend removing my already disabled AHC components so that I could install new sliders. We were able to get the Actuators/Globes out (after a lot of frustrating effort for those top bolts). However, the Accumulator still remains, and the drivers side slider is yet to be installed. It's those top two bolts that are seemingly impossible to get to.

Wanting to know what others have done to get the Accumulator off?

AHC Accumulator.gif
IIRC - I used a ratcheting fixed head wrench that I could slide on top of the bolt. No rust though so this might not be applicable.

Tried so hard to get a ratcheting wrench up there. Was "easier" with the globes…and by that I mean still really REALLY hard. LOL 🤬😫😭😂
I might give it a go with the wrench one more time. If I can't get it, then thinking about @Eliot's pry bar + reciprocating saw method.
I definitely had to use a Sawzall on one of the globes. I think any tool or method to remove it is fair game.


The globe base appeared to be some low-grade metal that was prone to rust in an environment where no road salts are used.

No rust on this vehicle except on these parts and their contact areas. I felt like I was removing a cancerous growth.


The globe base metal started rusting and left rust spots on the frame. I had to grind down any rusty spot with a wire wheel, prime, and repaint it.


The frame was exceptionally clean except in the areas where the AHC globes were mounted. This is after I had to grind, prime, and repaint the contact area.

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