LX 450 Spring help

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Mar 18, 2014
Hi, I need help to find the correct place to look for information or an answer. I purchased a 1997 Lexus in April with a 2.5" Old Man Emu suspension lift already installed. The car/truck is in the garage as I will not subject it to winter salt in Illinois, it lived in Houston it's whole life before me and I am grateful for the condition wishing to keep it so. I am a first time LC owner and wish to do things correctly.

I have purchased an ARB winch bumper and a Warn Zeon 12K winch (wire cable ). I would like to know the proper size springs I should install to keep the front end level.

115,xxx, LOCKED
If you are on ome heavies, that will be fine

If you can swing syn cable, you will drop a lot of weight and add safety
Worst case, install the bumper and winch and then measure afterwards and install spring spacers (packers) as needed. When I installed my ARB, it lowered the front about .75". Two 20mm trim packers and an hour later and it's level again.
OME J springs in front and heavies in the rear gives you level!
Im looking for similar advice, I bought TJM progressive coils and I noticed the other day that the rear progressive turns are almost completely out of play already even though the fronts are find. The truck sits mostly level with a little rear end lift and i would like to add a winch without a bumper (factory bumper modified, synth line) and was wondering if I could go OME mediums rear and stick with the TJM up front, or if i should go full OME meduim all round. I dont want OME heavies...too heavy for my daily commute with a mostly empty truck.
Thanks for the advise I will check the packaging for the 2850J springs and/or look into the packers. I wish synthetic rope were an option but it looks as the Zeon 12 only comes with steel and I hesitate to go with synthetic if the manufacturer does not offer it.

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