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Jul 6, 2009
Storage solutions seem to draw a fair amount of interest here on Mud, so here's my easy $20.00 answer to hauling bicycles that some of you might find interesting or might be able to modify for other projects. As you can see in the pics it's a simple bicycle fork mount that is attached to a piece of flat stock which has holes drilled to match the upper set of the rear seat mount holes. I used a NRS cam strap threaded through the quick release bar for the third row seats of the cargo area to hold the rear tire in place. The mounting system is very secure and other than having to remove one of the rear seats (both of mine are permanently removed anyway) and tracking some dirt into the cab, it's painless to build, the mount can be detached in seconds, loading the bike is relatively easy, and the system provides covered and locked storage for the bike.





Jun 3, 2005
Tropical Fargo, North Dakota
I like it. Simple=good. You could make them so they fit your roof rack dimensions too so you can bolt a couple to the roof if you need more room/extra riders going with sometimes. Or throw them inside if you just want secure storage like you have it. Nice work

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